Using MOTU's MX4 for Lush Vocal Effect

Using MOTU's MX4 for Lush Vocal Effect

​I have always liked to route audio through synths. Since back in the 80's where we routed a Crumar stringer trough a Roland SH 5 (mono synth) to make polyphonic synth on a budget. Or when Lars H.U.G. wanted to record vocal through a Ibanez Tube Screamer, I have learned to use tools to treat sound during or in recordings. I have always been a fan of MOTU's MX4 and with the updated version that now is bundled with Digital Performer, I used some downtime to plat around with MX4 to see how it can be used on various tracks. I made this short video to give a glimpse into how you can use MX4. In the video I use it on a combined vocal / acoustic guitar track which already had reverb printed. Check it out on YouTube

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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