Impulse Responses making MOTU ProVerb an amazing Reverb

Impulse Responses making MOTU ProVerb an amazing Reverb

I made a series of videos on YouTube about how some free Impulse Responses for MOTU's ProVerb works and also did an A/B test with the fantastic Bricasti M7.

I had a Bricasti, It was hooked up using SPDIF and you can hear the results in one the video linked below. In the set of IRs of the Bricasti only the Ambience programs are missing. I am personally blown away by how close the ProVeb using the IRs is to the real deal.

Not only can you get the free IRs of the Bricasti here:

You can also get IR's from

Note you can set your own price for the Signal To Noise IRs, but can't recommend enough that you do pay even a small amount - it's so worth it.

Not only do you find IRs of the Bricasti M7 here but also IRs of
Eventide H3000
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon M200
Lexicon M300
Lexicon PCM 90
TC Electronic M5000
TC Electronic Reverb 6000
Yamaha PCM 70 Version 2
Yamaha PCM 70 Version 3
Yamaha SPX990
Quantec QRS/XL

YOUTUBE - this is the video that includes the A / B test of the Bricasti M7 Hardware versus the Impulse Responses

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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