My most used plug ins

My most used plug ins

Some one just asked me which are my most used plug ins. Which made me think what do I reach out for. Some times I don't really think about it, but here's a list - which might change over time, but...:

Kinda in order, but it depends...

MOTU MW Equalizer - extremely versatile eq

ValhallaDSP Vintage Verb

ValhallaDSP Shimmer

ValhallaDSP Plate

MOTU MW Limiter

MOTU Pre-1

MOTU Analog Chorus

Primestudio Prime Curve - not only has a sweet high end but also widens the stereo - great on the 2 bus

Primestudio Charly

Nugen plugins

Zynaptiq Adaptiverb

Soundtoys Sie-Q

Melodyne 4

Klangfreund LUF meter

House of Kush Electra DSP amazing EQ - the high end to soooo.....

SoftTube Tube-Tech Classic Channel - can't finish a mix with out them

Universal Audio 1176 compressors

Universal Audio SSL G-Series Bus Comp

MOTU Digital Delay

SoundToys Little MicroShift

Universal Audio Cooper Time Cube

Universal Audio Trident A-Range EQ

FabFilter Pro-Q2

FabFilter Timeless

FabFilter Pro-L

FabFilter Pro-G

FabFilter Saturn

TokyoDawn Kotelnikov

TokyoDawn Slick EQ

Universal Audio Studer A800

MOTU MW Leveler


MOTU Dynamics

u-he PressWerk

Most used VIs
u-he Zebra2

MOTU Mach5 v3


MOTU Model 12

AmpleSound Guitar

AmpleSound J Bass

AmpleSound Tele

Toontrack EZ Drummer

Toontrack EZ Keys

2nd tier use

Universal Audio Lexicon 224

Universal Audio EMT 250

Universal Audio Harrison 32 EQ

Eventide UltraChannel - a cpu hog but just the XFORMER feature is worth it

Blue Cat Audio FreeWare Plugins Pack II

Blue Cat Audio MB7

PSP Audioware triple meter

Universal Audio Helios 69 EQ

MOTU ProVerb using Bricasti responses

Universal Audio API Vision Channel Strip

Nomad Factory Analog Trackbox

Nomad Factory Analog Chorus

Nomad Factory Analog EQ

Nomad Factory BT Compressor


On my purchase list...

ValhallaDSP ÜberMod

House of Kush Clariphonic DSP MkII

Universal Audio AMX-16

MacDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor

Primestudio Prime Compressor

Primestudio Mix Plugin

BlueCat Audio Destuctor

Mathew Lame DrMS

Goodhertz Mid Side

Joey Sturgis Side Widener

Soundradix Surfer EQ

UVI net relayer

SynchroArts VocAlign

Using DPs pencil tool to fix artifacts
Toontrack EZDrummer Indie Folk midimap for Digital...

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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