Get a MOTU AVB for (almost) free

Get a MOTU AVB for (almost) free

I am very excited by the AVB interfaces from MOTU. Not only are the decently priced. They include some of the best DACs on the market. Great drivers and backed by MOTU's awesome and free support these interfaces should be an obvious choice. Surprise!!! Runing a studio is NOT a hobby, its a business. Owning interface from three major suppliers (with a heavy weight on MOTU stuff) I can say the cost of ownership is way lower on the MOTU hardware than any other product - and specially that A product that used to start with a D - DISCLAIMER I am an Avid shareholder , but I don't see Avid's strategies, products and services (including paid support) offer much is terms of shareholder value.

So running a business I made some calculations for installing new interfaces and rewiring (because why would we run pristine interfaces using older cabling?) - just for "fun" - I figured that we would need 50ft of cable from tracking room to mix room for a "normal" interface. Now if we install AVB interfaces in the tracking room we can eliminate not only the cabling (yes we do need a $45 cat6 cable) we also can eliminate breakout boxes in the tracking room, so the minimum savings "going AVB" would be...

Just to simplify I took some standard cabling for various vendors and here is what I found:

Mogami Gold 8 ch snake XLR-XLR-10 10ft @ $264.95 ea x 5 = Total $1324.75

Vovox Sonorus 33' mic cable @ $379 ea x 8 = Total $3032

Grimm TPR Cable 8 x 50 ft - 400 ft @ 1.95 = $780 + 16 Neutrik XLR = $58.24 = Total $838.24 (plus labor)

Canare 50 ft cables @ $101 ea x 8 = Total $808

Requisite Silver M50 @ $930 ea x 8 = Total $7440

I know you would not wire studio using regular mic cables as some of the above are, but those were the numbers that were available to you. The Grimm is an installation cable - and an excellent one too - you can read more about the renovated Visseloord studios and the cable here.

However the savings in cabling can be significant and potentially offset the cost of the interface itself. That combined with stellar sonic performance, robust drivers and awesome customer support makes the AVB a great choice and a smart business decision.

Going with the Grimm TPR cabling the savings would be at least $838 would make the "real" cost of a MOTU 1248 $657 - the MOTU B-16 $19 (nineteen dollars!)

Impulse Responses making MOTU ProVerb an amazing R...

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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