BPM to Delay Time Calculator for Mac OS X

BPM to Delay Time Calculator for Mac OS X

Someone made a comment today that he really wished there was a BPM to Delay Time calculator available for MAC OS X. There used to be some in the "Old" Power PC Days. However everything now has gone online or on phones / tablets. I thought let me make one and here it is.

The app is now at version 1.2 - I added BPM to Hz, so you can time align LFOs, Modulation or Tremolos

I made a YouTube video describing use and install in Mac OS X menu bar here.

JUNE 2016 - UPDATED the app - now also shows full note and all results are rounded to two digits.

Download the "app" here.

OK! I should have done a little bit of research before doing this. However I had some fun writing the code. Laurent Colson has an amazing app called musciMatch - only $4.99  - in the Apple App store - running on mac os X - and does so many cool things like:

Timecode calculator
Tap Tempo
Tempo to Delay table
Note to Frequency table
Sample Length converter
Tempo Change converter
Frequency to note converter

a very handy tool - get it here... _ CLICK

it's also available for iPhone and iPad

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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